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Solutions for Industrial Inspection

Public infrastructures form the veins of every society and include technical structures like roads, waterways, bridges, railways, and airports. Maintaining these structures is essential for the proper functioning of modern economies, yet it is also very costly.

Drones started out as toy for hobby enthusiasts, but have evolved to become sophisticated commercial aircraft that are now on the cutting edge of technology suitable for drone inspection applications. With the advancement of technology, drones are poised to perform infrastructure inspection by providing high resolution images, video, and perform laser scanning remotely. Drones can get into tight places, and provide low altitude data capture that traditional aircraft cannot.

The Internet of Things (IoT) involves connected products, assets, fleets, infrastructures, markets, and people. IoT can deliver operational intelligence and even transform physical systems to improve operations, mitigate risk, enhance services, and drive economic growth.

Avian Aerospace has developed various solutions for inspection at various sector using a combination of technologies to maximize the efficiencies and reduce risks involved