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Solutions for Solar Industry

After seeing the prices of solar panels drop dramatically over the past decade, companies are looking for new ways to cut costs and compete with fossil fuel power through project design and drones are a proving a transformative tool for inspections in solar farms.

Drones provides a wide variety of testing and data collection services to help projects get off the ground and keep running, from the prospecting and evaluation phase through operation and maintenance. With the potential to reduce inspection times from weeks to hours, itís no wonder drones are becoming an integral part of the solar asset managerís toolkit.

ē Harnessing the power of the IoT can resolve common challenges associated with complex energy grids and make it far easier to manage panels and energy output. For solar energy companies, installing an IoT system will help meet customersí demands and improve overall efficiency.

Avian Aerospace has developed various solutions for the energy sector using a combination of technologies to maximize the efficiencies and reduce risks involved