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Solutions for Wind Power Industry

Hail, snow, lightning, rain, salt and dust are just some of the things wind turbine components must endure. Even the largest wind farm projects uses industrial climbers for inspection of the blades and abseiled down from the nacelle of the wind turbine at dizzying heights along the rotor blades a hazard in rough seas and strong winds.

Drones inspection is a cost-effective and efficient inspection method compared to traditional telephotography or other manual inspection methods. With a drone inspection solution, you can achieve both visual and thermal images on wind turbines for on-site analysis and assessment regarding the condition of the rotor blades.

IoT gives wind-farm owners or operators an ability to monitor and analyze onsite data on a daily, monthly, and even yearly basis, and can provide a detailed look at individual turbine performance. Based on this data, an optimized maintenance strategy can prioritize turbines that experience less than expected performance losses and therefore minimize downtime.

Avian Aerospace has developed various solutions for the energy sector using a combination of technologies to maximize the efficiencies and reduce risks involved