Companies have adopted drone programs to inspect assets because drones get the job done more efficiently while keeping people safe from the potential risks of manual inspections. Traditional inspections methods, while effective, require highly skilled personals and long processing times to generate actionable insights from data gathered. Drones can provide the data and real-time for parallel analysis and report generation to plan for maintenance schedules. The last five years’ growth in wind energy in India is about 16% and thus we are proud to launch various innovative solutions for the industry.

Drone Solutions for mapping, survey and inspection in Wind energy sector


A short introduction about Avian Aerospace Pvt Ltd

Avian Aerospace is a research and services company actively involved in the development of unmanned systems and methodologies to be utilized for a wide array of industrial services and real time applications. We design and develop customized unmanned systems to be deployed in various fields ranging from agriculture to archaeology.

We are officially recognized as a Tech Start Up by Department of Industrial Promotion and Planning (DIPP Certificate No 9009)Govt of India. We are constantly proving our expertise while serving our clients, which includes Sterlite Power, Tata Projects Ltd, Garware Wall Ropes Ltd and many more industry leading companies.

“Identify challenging and difficult to solve industrial problems and provide solutions using combination of various cutting edge technologies”

Our services cover all the major sectors in the industry including, but not limited to, agriculture, mining, oil and gas, real-estate, aquaculture, wind mill inspection, road & civil infrastructure and many more. We tend to focus on unique industrial challenges and thrive to solve them using our design/ development approach and propose new cost-effective and time-bound methodologies.

We offer the below mentioned services for quick and cost-effective approach in Wind energy sector: –

  • Digital and/or infrared camera inspection
  • Monitor the wind speed and the efficiency of the wind turbines.
  • Identification of corroded and defective support structures
  • Damage analysis
  • Locate surface impact, cracks and leading-edge erosion with high resolution cameras and sensors.
  • Detect unseen faults and overheating with Thermal and corona cameras.
  • Assembly errors
  • On-site rotor blade inspection
  • Acceptance tests and inspections prior to commissioning.
  • Noise emission and emission forecasts, shade projections, and damage reports
  • Quality control and supervision of tower and foundation construction, including all parts and components.
  • Real-time images and video feed can be transmitted to ground control station
  • Thermal mapping of wind turbines

Apart from the above mentioned services, we assist in resolving specific issues owing to our years of research.

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We also provide technology solutions to all major industries like 

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